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What is the Florida Energy Discount Program?


What is the Florida Energy Discount Program?  The Florida Energy Discount Program is a discount on sales of services offered by a Program Approved Contractor. The Voucher/Funding comes in the form of discounts for products and services offered by the Program Approved Contractor. All Products used must meet a very high standard to have any discounts applied.  Discounts to homeowners do not need to be repaid. This program is very similar to a coupon program.


Is this a Government Sponsored Program?  No, however we do work with a nonprofit organization that can offer Interest free loans, grants and other services for low income Home Owners that qualify. The programs for the low income and people suffering from hardships that are backed and/or supported by the local and state government can be applied for by going to your state/ county website and filling out an application. If you have trouble locating a Government sponsored program feel free to call our toll free number and we will offer any assistance that may help.


What if I am not low income? All homeowners qualify here.   All Homeowners qualify for programs that are sponsored by Energy Grant LLC. If you are using the energy grant LLC programs you should know that the nonprofit organization, federal and state government is not involved.


The programs listed below are sponsored by Energy Grant LLC/ EnergyCensus.Org are not affiliated in any way with any Federal or State Agency’s. If you qualify for any of the following programs you would receive a 10% discount voucher per program that cannot exceed 1250.00 per voucher. All vouchers combined cannot exceed 40% of the total purchase or $5000.00 in value.  Products used by program approved contractors must meet the department of energy guidelines and the guidelines set by Energy Grant LLC.


Programs sponsored by Energy Grant LLC?


 S.H.I.P Program = Our Senior Home Improvement Program. Must be 50 or older and be current on all your mortgage payments and Taxes and insurance.


Weatherization program= Our Weatherization program is designed to help home owners understand how to properly insulate the home. Program includes Foam and Fiberglass insulation. Insulation needs for underbelly, attic space and walls.  Home Owner must be current on all your mortgage payments and Taxes and insurance.



1st responders program= All first responders, educators state or federal employees qualify. If you work in a school, Hospital or any government funded agency, you qualify.  Home Owner must be current on all your mortgage payments and Taxes and insurance.


Military Past and Present Program= If anyone living or receiving mail at the address requesting assistance from the Florida energy discount program can prove that they are or at some point served in the military, they would qualify for this program.  Home Owner must be current on all your mortgage payments and Taxes and insurance.


Is there a number to call to talk to someone about the grants?


Yes, call 866-669-6645 if you have any questions.


It is very important that all understand the intent of this program. By no means is Energy Grant LLC acting in or conveying that we are a government agency or an Energy Provider. Energy Grant LLC is a marketing company, our goal is to create standard pricing for high quality products and pre-screen contractors that will offer the best service. Energy Grant LLC will set the price for products and guarantee professional installation. All contractors must apply online.


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“This site is owned and operated by Energy Grant LLC. All work must be performed by a program approved contractor. The program vouchers can not exceed $5000.00 or 40% of the total cost of the required work. The Florida Energy Program is not funded by any agency connected with the Federal Government. The Florida Energy Program is not a government agency or energy provider.”